Indeed, while the complete story of the Northside’s revitalization will likely take a decade to write, it is already noteworthy for the remarkable convening of residents, institutions, organizations, and non-profits that, perhaps for the first time in the city’s history, have joined together for a singular purpose – the comprehensive transformation of a neighborhood long beset by poverty and its associated challenges.

Initiatives like Start:ME Spartanburg is just one of many ways that the Northside community continue to rally it’s people, resources, and network to build a better community.

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"The Northside Development Group serves to encourage and manage the redevelopment of the City of Spartanburg’s Northside community, honoring its past and expanding the opportunities for a mix of affordable and market rate housing, economic, educational, recreational, health and social opportunities for its residents."

The Northside is a purpose-built community that consists of a diverse group of people investing time, skills, and dollars for a safe and strong Northside community.

The Northside’s history and evolution over the past 100 years is a key factor in how the community will move beyond current conditions toward the Northside of tomorrow.

True neighborhood revitalization rarely happens by accident. It requires the work of hundreds of hands, the resources of local institutions and governments, and the collective vision of a community. In the case of the City’s Northside, a healthy amount of all of the above is in place.


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