Mentors come from a variety of backgrounds and offer unique and valuable insights to the entrepreneurs in the program. Mentors help entrepreneurs define, focus, and build their businesses throughout the course of the 14-week program. The mentor is responsible for one on one coaching with the program participants, both in and out of the classroom. To be a mentor, an individual commits to attending 8 of the 14 sessions and to interact weekly with their assigned participant. Two mentors will be paired to every participant based on the fit and needs of participants and mentors. Class sessions typically last 3 hours, and the expectation is that each mentor spend one hour outside of class with their participant weekly.


Key Responsibilities

•Attend 8 of 14 sessions to maintain continuity and build

relationship with the participants. It is important that mentors

attend full sessions so that they can understand the material

and the level of proficiency that is being expected of the

•Work with participants on their business during work sessions
•Meet with one participant one hour a week
•Provide introductions to business resources and organizations

that may be helpful to participants

Key Benefits

•Opportunity to make a real and lasting difference in the

Northside neighborhood of Spartanburg
•Support microenterprises in early stage development and

•Connect with other community-focused mentors and

businesspeople from across Spartanburg



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